The home-buying process is complicated and confusing; headaches are common and mistakes are costly! You need a professional realtor to personally guide you step-by-step, provide expert advice, help you make informed decisions, and protect your interests. He or she will help you find your ideal home, arrange financing, attend inspections, fuss over details, and handle all the paperwork.

You can count on Annie Alexander to take away the headaches and save you a lot of time and money!

You will benefit greatly from the comprehensive services Annie provides her sellers, especially if you answer “no” to the following questions:

  • How much you can actually afford?
    Annie will help you realistically analyze your budget, suggest additional ways to accrue your down payment, and explain alternative financing methods.


  • Can you realistically evaluate your housing requirements?
    Annie will help you work out a practical idea of the home that best suits your needs, considering such things as size, location, special needs, architectural preferences, proximity of schools and churches, transportation, shopping, and public facilities.


  • Do you know how to access available listings?
    Are you able to research your housing needs through a Multiple Listing Service, even if you are relocating to another city?


  • Do you know how to evaluate a listing?
    Annie can quickly evaluate a listing in terms of your needs, affordability, and location; she won’t waste your time viewing unsuitable homes.


  • Do you know the Chicago neighborhoods?
    Annie know the neighborhoods intimately and will supply you with important facts on property values, taxes, utility costs, municipal services and facilities, crime rates, local history, special neighborhood features, proposed zoning changes, and other critical information that could affect your decision to buy.


  • Can you be objective when shopping for a home?
    Can you set aside your emotions about a home and realistically weigh a property’s advantages, disadvantages, problems, remodeling needs, pricing, location, etc?


  • Are you familiar with the local mortgage market?
    Annie is well-versed on home financing practices and will help you find a home loan at the best rate and arrange to get you pre-approved.


  • Do you understand the closing process?
    Do you understand the functions of appraisers, home inspectors, mortgage lenders, contractors, and insurance agents?


  • Are you familiar with Illinois real estate laws?
    There are a number of requirements such as attorney procedures at closing. Do you know which attorneys specialize in real estate and will provide you with the best representation?


  • Do you understand the risk you take by using the seller’s realtor?
    Annie is there to represent your interests in the transaction, not the seller’s. She will negotiate the most favorable price and terms for you.



We are here to help you through the pre-qualified process for your loan before you begin shopping for your new home. You’ll get a clear picture of what kind of home you can afford, and can focus your search on property that fits your price range. Without proof of your finances, sellers will not think you are serious.

If you’re shopping in desirable Near North and surrounding areas (Gold Coast, River North, Old Town, The Loop) you’ll face fierce competition. The property you’ve set your eyes on could get snatched up while you wait around to get your financing approved.

Act now before it's too late.

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